September 30th, 2004
I haven't been on here in forever. I did come through and change the font colors so it was readable. I couldn't read it since my computer had been redone. I'll probably not be doing a Card Captors site, at least for awhile. I'll probably just expand on Gundam Wing and Sailor Moon instead. I would like to have a unique site. I would like my site to t be like it once was. Once marching season is over I should, hopefully, have much more time to do things. I'll get back to the site. I just thought I would update everyone on what's going on. I won't be like all these other sites and stop updating...I'll always come back unless I say otherwise...

June 29th, 2004
I think now that all of the backgrounds on this site are my own creations. I redid the Gundam Wing section completely. I think it looks much better now. It's theme seems almost armyish. I also changed all the backgrounds for the other stuff in my Sailor Moon section. So the Sailor Moon section will eventually be a cloud theme. I think for villians though I will make it a dark evil looking sky of some sort, because, after all, they are villians. I don't know wether or not to change all the characters of my Sailor Moon sections backgrounds. They each have their own personal one. I guess I should put up a poll or something. Well, I'm going to go create a villianious(sp?) background. Bye bye...

June 11th, 2004
Well I've started making new backgrounds. I'm making the site in an ocean theme. I basically redid the front page totally. I've also went through all of my galleries and fixed all the broken images I could find. I also corrected some information on some of the biographies as well. I'm making all the site stuff, such as about me, updates, links, etc, with just solid colored backgrounds. I think it looks much nicer and professional. Since I now have a job I'm going to look into getting my own domain name and web space. Meaning that I would actually have my own site without pop-ups or ads and everything would look and be much nicer. I'm going to make the site as a whole look better. I'm thinking about redoing the Gundam Wing section as a whole, and I do have profiles for Card Captors directly from the books, and I even have them types up. Right now I'm just working on stuff that's little technicaly things...anyways...

December 6th, 2003
I deleted a bunch of my thumbnails cause I figured it was pointless cause I'll never finish them. So I had to go through and fix some images on the site. I updated a bit of info on the gundam wing section. I added a whole lot of no banner things all over the site. I updated the about me page...you should go read. There's a guest map now, and a new counter, if you hadn't noticed too. I've gotten some profiles for cardcaptors but they aren't up yet. Mostly I've just been working on little unnoticeable things. That's all...bye bye...

December 1st, 2003
After nearly 2 years I've finally came back to my site and moved it. Tripod killed it and this place gives 100mb free space. Which is really nice, and I need the space. I've updated a few things, such as my email has changed. I wouldn't apply for awards cause they are probably on my old old old email address. I'm going to get rid of the Tenchi Muyo section I began and replace it with Fushigi Yugi and Oh My Goddess, two of my new favorite mangas. I will keep Card Captors cause I love it to death and it is an incredible manga. I'll start adding stuff real soon. I'm in the process of getting rid of the banners on the pages and replacing them with pop-up banners, but unfortunately I have to do this for every single page, which will take a long time. I'll just have to do the main pages for now, I'll eventually have to update all the links on the bottom of all the pages, so I'll do all the pop-up stuff with it then. Once I get a job I'll try to save money and buy my own web space and domain name so that I NEVER have pop-ups. But until then, this will have to do.

December 5th, 2001
OK, I've done lots here lately. I redid the main Sailor Moon page. I just didn't like it and I think it's prettier now. Next I'll probably make the front page prettier and change it a bit. On the other stuff page I have some new little things that you might just be interested in. I'm making more thumbnails too, actually I've made a lot but I haven't actually added them yet. I've fixed all the links on all the bottoms of pages. I've probably done other stuff too but I just can't seem to remember them right now...so long...

October 26th, 2001
Once again you probably think I'm dead. But I have been working on this page. I redid the About Me section. I messed around on the links page and did some stuff to it and added my friend KC's site in the links as well. The next sections I'll be working on for CC/TM is the adoptions. I'm doing the little things first. I've fixed more links at the bottom of some pages. You can vote on polls on the CC/TM pages. You can also rate this site on the other stuff page. I'm trying to figure where I left off on thumbnails to start doing that again. I'm also in the process of making 2 new galleries on the sailor moon section: Beach Party Images and Christmas images. I've found some really beautiful manga images too but I haven't added them yet because thumbnailing is much more important right now. I was thinking about making a new tripod thing just for sailor moon and make it have it's own page, since it is the largest part on here, tell me what you think, I would appreciate it very much, and please sign my guestbook!!!

October 7th, 2001
I promise that I am still alive. I'm making all the current thumbnails the same height and stuff like that. I've also worked on the links on the bottoms of pages. I working on polls for the Card Captors & Tenchi page. Sorry I haven't updated but really I am. I've been working on some other stuff but I can't just remember what it is. I have been trying to find things on the net that see who's linking to you, so if you know anything good like that tell me, please. I would do a lot more to this site but I'm to 50 megabytes already on tripod. So any help there would be appreciated.

September 22nd, 2001
Well, how do you like my brand new-looking site. I sorta lost all my old updates so know this is the only update in here. I made bunches of new graphics and I'm still makeing more so I won't have to link to sites about that...because I don't even remember where I got them. There will eventually be 2 new sections-Card Captors, & Tenchi Muyo...but that won't be for awhile, because I still have to fix up some problems in the Gundam Wing and Sailor Moon sections. I still have more thumbnailing too...but I will get to it, I promise. Anyways, if you find any problems please email me telling me what it is and where...like broken links or images not working or something...some things right now aren't done yet...but they will be! Please sign my guestbook and vote on the many polls that are here and are comeing to this site. Anyways I hope you enjoy what's here for right now...please come and visit again...link me...anything...

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