Sailor Moon

Name: Tsukino Usagi or Serena
Name Meaning: Bunny of the Moon
Age: 14-16
Birthday: June 30th
Blood Type: O
School: Juuban Junior High School/ Juuban High School
Favorite Subject: Home Economics
Least Favorite Subject(s): Math & English
Favorite Color(s): White & Pink
Favorite Gemstone: Diamond
Powers: Moon Tiara Action, Moon Spiral Heart Attack, & Moon Gorgeous Meditation

I thought that I would write a bit about her. First off, she's the leader of the scouts.
She isn't the smartest scout, and she is a bit clumsy. Rini is her
future daughter. Darien is her future husband. Her mother is/was Queen Serenity/Selenity.
She is one of the Inner Scouts and is known as Sailor Moon. Rei/Raye is her best friend
although they don't always act like it. She is the owner of Luna.

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