Sailor Mini Moon

Name: Rini
Name Meaning: Small Lady or Small Rabbit
Birthday: June 30th
Eye Color: Red/Pink
Hair Color: Pink
Blood Type: O
School: Minato-ku Juuben Elementary School
Favorite Color(s): Red/Pink
Favorite Subject: Drawing
Least Favorite Subject: Japanese Language
Favorite Gemstone: Diamond
Powers: Pink Sugar Heart Attack, Crystal Twinkle Bell

Notes: Daughter of Queen Serenity & King Endymion in the Future. Good friend of Helios.

Currently 14 images of her.

Chibi Moon Rini Sailor Mini Moon Princess Rini Mini Moon

Kickin Her Heels Up Pretty Rini Rini & Luna P! Rini & Luna P, again Her hair is actually down

Jumpin for Joy

Black Lady
Pretty Black Lady Black Lady w/ her Umbrella Black Lady & Mini Moon

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