About ME!!!

I guess I COULD do a little bio of me. My name is Sara, and I'm 17. I'm a band nerd, a drummer in fact. Actually I'm in Pit, but most likely you don't know what that is, but if you do it most likely means your a band nerd too. Pit is the front field percussion for the marching band, if that helps you out some. I'm a SENIOR at Choctaw High School. I'm also a freshman at Rose State College. I am a Christian, and God IS more important than band. I'm a Nazarene, if you wanted to know. Anyways, I'll add more in here later. I have a journal, you can visit it and read if you want:

Live Journal (Click Here)

Here's a list of manga's I've read:

1. MARS(all)
2. Fruits Basket(1-6)*
3. Ranma 1/2(1-6)*
4. Fushigi Yugi*
5. Inuyasha(1-18)*
6. Demon Diary(all)
7. Neon Genesis Evangelion(1-5)*
8. Forbidden Dance(all)
9. Kare Kano: his and her circumstances(1-12)*
10. Chobits(all)
11. Angel Sanctuary(1-3)*
12. Kill Me, Kiss Me(1-2)*
13. Dragon Knights(1-3)*
14. Marmalade Boy(all)
15. CardCaptor Sakura(all of the 2nd series)
16. Akira(1-3)*
17. Miracle Girls(all)
18. Sailor Moon
19. Rurouni Kenshin(1-4)*
20. Oh My Goddess*
21. Gundam Wing(all)
22. Magic Knight Rayearth(all of both series)
23. Tenchi*
24. Peach Girl: Change of Heart
25. Peach Girl

*means that I haven't actually read the whole series yet.
I've attempted to notate how many books of each series I've read in parenthesis.

(I love reading mangas, and these are the best ones out there, that I have read. I love them to death. Manga's are a million times better than the animes that come from them, I promise!)

Anime's I've seen:

1. Sailor Moon
2. Inuyasha
3. Gundam Wing
4. CardCaptor Sakura
5. Rrouni Kenshin
6. Tenchi
7. Dragon Ball Z

(Not all mangas have animes to go with them. My only access to animes is if they are on tv, and many are not. Only animes that aren't really good are on tv.)

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